Positive Change, Successful Outcomes

What we do

At Future Focus we work with individuals, groups and organisations to promote health and well-being. As all of our service users have different goals and ways of being, central to our approach is the need to be flexible and creative
Mental Health and Wellbeing

Good mental health and positive wellbeing are fundamental elements of happiness and vitality. At times we lose touch and become less familiar with these aspects of living. At Future Focus we are dedicated to enabling our client group to become happier, healthier and more secure in themselves

Children and Wellbeing

At Future Focus we believe that all children and young people have a right to experience positive mental health and optimal wellbeing. To encourage this, we work with children and young people to help them build skills and resources that promote well-being and healthy lifestyles.

Community Wellbeing

As well as individual health and wellbeing, our membership of groups and communities helps to shape our overall experience. At Future Focus we explore how group membership can be used as positive development tool and as a result add to wellbeing and good mental health.

About Us

Positive Change, Successful Outcomes

We want to provide options to our clients that are innovative, client centred genuinely unique. In light this we will not offer you a package/product off the shelf, rather you will receive a service or input tailored to your particular needs. For this reason, at the start of our working relationship we spend time with you to establish your goals and desired outcomes and then work with you to co-create practical resources that will be of use to you on your pathway to health and well-being.


    Our work focuses on solutions rather than problems


    Our innovative programmes are engaging and offer both clients and commissioners a refreshing approach to service delivery


    We offer flexible programmes tailored to the needs of our client group


    At Future Focus we seek to build positive and long lasting relationships with those we work with.

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